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I Signed A New Contract Under False Pretences

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My contract was up on 6th of January and since I've always had a free essential sim from TalkTalk Mobile as long as I remained a talktalk internet customer I signed a new contract.


It turns out that talktalk mobile don't offer that anymore and that I would lose my free sim and now be charged £5 per month for the sim that had always been free. Please understand that I wouldn't have been with talktalk mobile in the first place except I had the free sim because I was a talktalk home internet customer.


So talktalk had me sign a new 24 month contract and at no point whatsoever told me that I was loosing my free sim. This is not acceptable obviously. I should have been informed of this as its very important. I don't care if its a different dept and you don't talk to each other. If I've always been given a free sim because I have talktalk home internet and now that is being taken away I should have been informed.


How will talktalk deal with this now because I would have not signed the new contract had I known.


Thank you.


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Of course if you are still in the cooling off period you have the option to cancel your contract with the Devil and move elsewhere, but of course you could end up with another Devil in disguise 🙂🙂

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Hi The Scarlet Pimpernel 


Those of us on Fixed Low Price Plans in 2018, that pointed out that at the start of those contracts the Essential SIM was offered as free of charge, did receive a £3 per month credit up to the end of those contract terms. Legacy contract customers retained the Essential SIM free of charge up to the point of changing the contract to a new term contract. Customers also had the offer to switch to a £3/m contract with O2. This £3 O2 offer hasn't been available for some time. The offer changed to a £5/m SIM but currently there are no offers for TalkTalk customers on the O2 website.  I believe the contract to move mobile customers to O2 has been silently dropped.


It would appear from what you say that TalkTalk are no longer offering a discount on the Essential SIM to customers taking a new contract following on from a legacy contract. This puts customers on an equal footing to new customers that aren't offered a mobile SIM.  The good news is that the pricing of new broadband contracts to new and existing customers gives a significant saving over the old legacy contracts albeit no mobile SIM is included.

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Thanks for the replies. I never agreed to anything back in 2018 so it remained free. I was literally waiting for the mobile division to be closed down and then I would have to find a new network but that never happened.


It seems obvious to me that I will have to find a new network at this point but the part that is very wrong is signing me up for 2 years then immediately start charging me £5 for the sim. Also talktalk mobile has told me that they wouldn't even give me a discount on the £5 charge as they don't do that anymore for new customers. Because I signed a new contract I'm a new customer they say.


Vodaphone offered me the same speed unlimited on home internet for £1 cheaper per month plus a £150 Amazon gift card. But I didn't take that offer to keep my free essential sim with talk talk. So I've missed out on a much better deal and now I'm being charged £5 that I was never charged before and I'm locked in for 2 years because I was never informed.


This is like when TalkTalk made a huge thing about no price rises mid contract but they still put prices up by adding them to boosts. So they managed to get the price up mid contract. And then when they said that they are offering the same deals to existing customers as new customers. But the best deals where from third parties like Uswitch etc which they banned their existing customers from taking out. Once agin TalkTalk talking big about how "fair" they are but they know what they are doing. And now sign a new contract and bam another £5 please that you never had to pay before and we only reveal this after you have signed another contract for 2 years.


Talk Talk is the most deceptive company I have ever had to deal with. I honestly feel at this point like I've signed a new contract with the devil.

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Thanks for the confirmation Martin.


Information about the future of TalkTalk Mobile isn't yet available other than what's in the public domain from the last annual report that indicated a new contract had been signed to continue TalkTalk Mobile. A previous contract extension had been signed to continue as an MVNO on the Vodafone network whilst services were wound down as customers transferred out. Whether the new contract is just to service the remaining and profitable customer base or to give TalkTalk the option to start selling new mobile packages? We await news.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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@Gondola that's my recollection too, the SIM went from being "free" because of the 100% discount and then became chargeable.


I jumped ship at that point as TT Mobile was going to be closed down in the "near future" but that day has yet to arrive.


@The Scarlet Pimpernel are you completely sure you haven't been paying that £3 per month as a separate Direct Debit for a few years ?

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I've been here from 2016. I got an Essential SIM as part of the first package with TalkTalk. It was free because it had a £5 discount. But TalkTalk notified and reduced the discount to £2 in July 2018. I still have that Essential SIM. It now comes with a £2 discount, so normally £5 but the contract with TalkTalk Mobile has that Essential SIM with extra data at a price of £3/m


Every bill I get tells me that TalkTalk Mobile no longer offer new mobile packages. And there's been no Essential SIM offer with broadband for some years now.


So, have you something in writing from TalkTalk about an existing Essential SIM and removing the existing £2 discount?


PS the 2018 notification from TalkTalk said:

"Why are you putting the Essential SIM price up?"

"We're simplifying our mobile service and as part of this we are aligning our discounts on our Essential SIM and introducing a great O2 Offer. This forms part of our move to O2 for our mobile services and the closure of our Essential SIM in early 2019."


The only reason that the Essential SIM is still supported today is that TalkTalk Mobile has not officially closed. But note that there are no longer any special O2 offers available via TalkTalk.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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I don't think you understand. Its always been free as long as I am an internet customer with talktalk. If I was to leave talktalk internet I would then have been charged. I never did leave and it was always free.


I don't know how long you have been around here Gondola but back in the day talktalk offered everyone a free essential sim with talktalk mobile which would always be free as long as you stayed a talktalk internet customer.


I have remained a talktalk internet customer. Now it seems that very recently the legacy customers are no longer being offered this if they sign new contracts. What I'm saying is that I should have been informed about that. Because when you give something for free for years and years as long as you remain an internet customer but then take that away, don't inform the person signing the new internet contract, then start charging them through your mobile service £5, I should have been informed.


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If you have an Essential SIM with TalkTalk Mobile that contract is not affected in any way by taking out a new broadband package with TalkTalk.  That's my understanding. Have you got something in writing from TalkTalk about removing your Essential SIM discount of £2/m?


TalkTalk do not offer new mobile SIM contracts as part of new broadband packages.

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