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eero 6 5Ghz wifi is terrible

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Got Fibre 150 a few weeks ago. At the start all is well all my devices connecting brilliantly. The connection itself it's so stable compared to ADSL.


Then problems start a day later my laptop drops from 802.11ac to 802.11n wi-fi which is 10Mbps if you're far away or 40Mbps is you're up close to it. All my other devices connect at 150Mbps since there's no speed bottle neck on 802.11ac or 802.11ax.


So why does my laptop connect at 802.11n? Well it's the eero router doing stupid things. First problem is this router is so locked down you can't change any settings. I've been on so many chats with eero support and their best advice was to reset it. Which fixes the problem for a day or so until the connection drops to 802.11n again. There's no advanced setting on these routers to customise the signal.


So what's the problem? My laptop was getting quicker speeds on ADSL using the TalkTalk router which connected fine on 802.11ac!


Well it seems the eero router uses 5Ghz frequency bands which were only made legal in the UK last year (2020). More specially known as UNII-3 or 5.725-5.850Ghz which not all equipment has been updated to detect. Now my old router and even the erro after I immediately reset it work on channels 36-64 U-NII-1/U-NII-2A or 5.150-5.350Ghz which all 802.11ac devices can see because it's been around since 2013 when it was launched.


But for some reason the eero decides then to use the high frequency bands. So I'm back to no 5Ghz wi-fi.

I've spoke to eero about this and it's totally intentional but completely useless if your fibre speed is 150mb but your wifi is 10mb!

I've since found out the eero 6 pro doesn't have this problem because it's a tri-band router which can broadcast on 3 separate channel sets namely 2.4Ghz, a low frequency 5Ghz (which my laptop can see like my previous router), and a high frequency 5Ghz (for devices which have been updated due to UK law changes).


So I'm asking kindly if you would offer a eero 6 pro for myself since there was no mention of this limitation and I've pointed the root cause is because of a rubbish dual band router which selects frequencies my equipment can't see.


Support Team
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Hi pk1986


As advised by Gliwmaeden2, if you contact our future fibre teams they can advise if they can offer any alternatives for you.





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If you are asking about Eero etc, you must be using Future Fibre, @pk1986, so you need to use that hub for contacting support.


I'll escalate this thread into the workflow in case staff want to add anything here, and I will remove your duplicate post.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.