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Still no internet

First Timer
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After chasing up multiple times trying this as something different hopefully get a resolution really need the internet as I need it for work customer Journey has been a joke so far however all support people have tried to help as best they can still not resolved.


Package Fibre 900


Still no account set up so no idea what my account number is which makes it an absolute pain to speak to anyone every time! going through security each and every step.


Today I was told that the line profile was incorrect and that should fix it however I am still without internet setting it up on the eero app just returns with cant reach the internet 


Other notes:

- 4 green lights on the ONT

- eero box flashing blue light

- Have been asked to reset the eero box multiple times by both orange and red lights

- Have unplugged ONT and Router multiple times waiting different times to try and fix

- Are the TalkTalk IT systems working? Seems like something is really wrong

- direct connection ONT to Laptop also no internet


Customer journey notes: 

- I specifically ordered the package a month before my current internet ran out for a smooth transition 

- The previous internet went down on the 10th really expected things to be done before this but didn't even get a engineer installation date before this

- My previous internet has now been off for a while now and having to tether for work note: this still is not helpful as I cannot SSH into things that require IP whitelisting

- Upon signing up on 5th April no emails were received welcoming or confirming

- Had to chase up two weeks later as had no idea what was going on 

- No account to login 

- received a welcome email days before the engineer's arrival after phoning up chasing

- CityFibre was Installed on the 20th after being installed on that day I immediately spoke to TalkTalk support (Phone) that was unable to connect to the internet

- Router delivery was just after installation 

- Live date was meant to be the 20th 

- Only received one eero box instead of the two on the deal - I still have no idea if I'm getting the second or not although more concerned with connection right now.

- Have phone and or live chat now on the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th (today) to try to resolve this and each time with different answers to what could be the issue 



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Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that this is now working. Are you still in contact with the Future Fibre Team?





First Timer
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Update just come back from a long day at work and I have internet! eero working! guessing someone has done something but not heard anything, at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Now just need to know about the account and other eero device 

First Timer
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@Karl-TalkTalk I have no idea what the FTTP Reference number is or where to find it? Im guessing that would come with the account but which have not got an account setup still 


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Can you please add your FTTP Reference number to your 'Community Profile' so I can pick this up for you.





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First Timer
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Have tried different ethernet cables.

ONT lights suggest everything is fine on ONT



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Directly connecting ethernet to ONT no connection


Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this. Can I just confirm, is there a connection if you connect directly at the ONT?





Whizz Kid
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hi this is so awful.i really feel for you.


am i right in thinking that the ont lights are indicating that the connnection is fine? could the issue be your ethernet cable then? has the incorrect line profile been fixed? and i assume your engineer said the ont was all connected up, registered, and had internet when they left? To have no Internet to your laptop when the ont box seems fine would seem to indicate a problem between ont and router/laptop (ie cable) is or the profile they had you on was literally a no Internet profile. My ont is different to yours but I had one less green light when there wasn't a live connection to it


Hope you get some help and make progress soon

I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!