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Losing Connection and no 5ghz after 30mins

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Hope someone can help been on the live chat and cant get anywhere having issues with no connection and no 5ghz on the router after doing a full reset back to default the 5ghz works for a 30mins then drops out only showing 2ghz then it starts to lost connection been doing this just over a week now and today its worse.


i have tried changing the channels and does the same thing i have the 5ghz set up as 5Ghz_House and 2ghz set up as 2ghz_house its been like this for 2 years no issues till now. i have to input the names each time i do a factory reset i have tried different names and channels as above nothing.


any help would be great.


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Hi CSMax


The router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.





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Hi Michelle, that would be great as I would be able to test thank you.


Support Team
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Hi CSMax,


I'm sorry to hear this. Would you like us to send a replacement router for testing purposes? We would also send a router returns bag so that one of the routers can be returned.




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Hi @CSMax,


What make / model of router do you have, just asking because if you had the Sagemcom hub this has a 'Wi-Fi Optimisation' feature that can change the channels by itself, just wondered if it might be switching to a very poor channel a short time after you restart the router.


However if that is not the issue, the staff here will be able to pick this up tomorrow to investigate further, if they thought the router was faulty they would be able to arrange a replacement for you.