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can i keep my copper landline if i switch to fibre?

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I currently have normal broadband package over a copper wire. I also have a telephone number which is only for incoming calls only and is not part of the package. I pay the full tariff if i decide to use the landline to make a call.


I am interested in migrating to full fibre. I would also like to keep the copper landline JUST for incoming calls so that i can keep the number.


If this is not possible ( i don't see why not) I came across the following article which suggests that i would be  upgraded from an analogue phone line to a digital one when I place an order and request a phone service or sign up to a new contract, whether you’re changing provider, upgrading or re-grading.


Does anyone know if either of these options would be available with TT future fibre broadband? 



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@DimitraHartas, staff will only reply to the original poster on this topic.


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You need to go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. This will enable staff to identify your account. 


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This reflects the situation concerning residential customers. 


If you are dependent on a Talktalk service for your business you should subscribe to


Check the specific cancellation procedure for Future Fibre if you need to cancel. Their Chat support opens at 9am:


Currently Talktalk has VoIP trials, but not yet part of the service. 







Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I also wonder if that caller was a scam caller who recorded me agreeing to this great improvement to our landline service, and passed on the information to talktalk in a truncated form. It was very strange that after the phone call there was no confirmation email, and then months later just a confirmation email saying thanks for upgrading to Future Fibre with no mention of our contract agreement.


Obviously we do not want to discontinue our contract for our landline and would never do that, our agreement was very careful about the prices of the landline boosts etc. but I have no written confirmation of that. 

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Hi, this is urgent!


We have Fibre 65 for our landline which is an important business phone. We got a phone call a few months ago from TalkTalk saying we can keep our International Max Calls Boost and also our Unlimited UK Calls Boost if we agree on the phone to upgrade to Fibre 150.


The engineers have had a first visit and we received weird Amazon device, but they are coming tomorrow to complete the transition.


The email I received does not say anything about the improved landline service, only "Welcome to Future Fibre."


I *definitely* only agreed to upgrade because we were offered to retain the two boosts at the same price on the landline.


In addition we need to keep our landline phone number the same, it is for business contacts of many years standing.


When Openreach engineers come tomorrow, I know the ONT box they install will have a phone jack. Are you saying nothing will happen if we plug the landline into it, and we continue to depend on the copper connection?


Does BT realize this? Are we assured they are not going to disconnect our landline? That would be terrible.


Our Fibre 65 contract runs until next year and we were told on the phone we'll have it extended to 18 months starting now.


It would be terrible if the engineers just disconnect the landline due to a misunderstanding. We do not care about the internet very much.



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Hi, this is urgent as talktalk has asked BT Openreach engineers to come tomorrow (19 January) in the afternoon.


I have fibre 65, Max Internatinal Boost and Unlimited UK Calls Boost. A few months ago I got a phone call saying I can retain my boosts on my landline and upgrade to 150 with almost no extra cost. The email I received said "future fiber" and the terms and conditions did not mention anything about the landlne OR internet.


Our landline phone is our business number with many years of old customers knowing it. We must NOT lose the phone, the reason for agreeing to the upgrade was to improve stability of the landline.


Now when they connect an ONT box tomorrow will there be a place to plug in the landline??!!  Or is it going to be the situation that a few days after they leave, BT will just disconnect our copper landline and we will lose it forever???!!


These posts say that during TalkTalk trials, BT left copper wires attached but do not do that anymore?!!?  


I am really frightened as our service is ALL about our landline, we don't care about internet and don't use it much.


How can I find out if TalkTalk is arranging VOIP for us, or if the phone jack on the ONT box will work or if out copper landline wires will continue to function? Currently our contract runs into late 2023.



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ahh- finally get it. I completely forgot about the line rental element of the package !  DOH !!

thanks for all the input. 

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In that case, once on Full Fibre there's no going back. That's an OR decision rather than an ISP and they won't add a normal line as they'll be phasing them out.


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@Techman81, @surfing69 was asking specifically about upgrading to Future Fibre. 


For some of us, it is likely to be a sudden leap into the future, as Fibre to the Cabinet is not available for all lines. We will be moved from ordinary Fast Broadband to FF - nothing in between. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Am I getting this right or am I completely misinterpreting...are you currently on an ADSL2 service (up to 18meg) and looking to upgrade to Fibre 35/65 package?

If so, it's Fibre to the Cabinet. You will still have the copper line from the cabinet to your house so will still have a normal landline.

Openreach are going to be phasing out the traditional landline as the fibre to the premises rolls out, but there's a way to go til this happens - at least 3yrs.

When we all eventually get fibre to the premises as opposed to the cabinet, the copper from the cabinet to your home is replaced with fibre. Once this happens there is no way back so instead of a normal landline phone, you'll have a digital 'VOIP' type phone connected to the modem/router. I've heard you may get adapters to use your old phone with that service but can't remember off the top of my head?


Was I anywhere near?


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It's not possible to have traditional landline without ordinary Broadband, @surfing69, so you don't want to pay full price for Broadband (including line rental, which makes calls possible) in addition to the Future Fibre. 


Your bills will spiral out of control.




Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Can you pls help me understand why i cant keep my copper landline if i register for fibre? 

if i am currently getting broadband via the landline where the landline is not part of the package but does proivide incoming calls, i cant understand why this cant remain the same if i migrate to fibre.?#/


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We do hope to offer a VOIP solution for calls with Future Fibre in the near future however this is currently in a trial stage at present and not available to all.





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Exactly. At the trial stage only.


Not available yet.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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so - are you advising that TT will not even offer a digital phone line as a replacement for the analogue line?


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Not at the moment, no.