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Sage com dns dropout

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My router on faster fibre regularly loses dns lookup. I can get it back by updating the DNS settings to manual - and then using manual with or when that fails switching it back to auto. It’s an instant fix when I switch it, but not something I want the rest of the family needing to do - and obviously it’s annoying. Is there a more permanent solution?


Support Team
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Hi Jmlx1


Apologies for this.


We do have new firmware being rolled out which should resolve this issue, however I can't provide a specific timescale at the moment.


Our Products Team are rolling out the firmware in batches. The firmware usually updates overnight so we advise keeping the router powered up all the time.





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Note that there is also a tweak you could make to your router settings that may well stop the problem from happening whilst you are still on this version of firmware, I can provide details for what to change if you would like to try that, but it is only sensible to try this change if your home network setup is fairly basic (i.e. you just have individual devices that need internet access), if you have devices that need to talk to each other on your home network, and they need to find each other using the DNS service provided by your router, then tweaking the setting would not be a good idea, as it would likely cause issues with local DNS lookups on your home network.


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Hi @Jmlx1,


Yes, there is actually a new version of firmware being pushed out at the moment that fixes this issue. If you browse to it will show you your current firmware version towards the bottom of the login screen, if you are on SG4K10002816t then this is the version that is known to have the problem. The new firmware is being installed automatically overnight for batches of customers at a time. So hopefully over the coming days / weeks your router will get the new version installed, and that should stop the DNS problems from happening.