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Upload Speed 0.7 Mbps & Ring Door Video

First Timer

I work from home and upload some really large business documents, containing multiple attachments. Many times files have only sent after several attempts, very slowly, which is frustrating. 

I also suffer a loss of broadband signal if I leave the house for an amount of time, without any wifi devices being connected. The red light comes on and I have to turn the router on and off (also frustrating) but the helpline doesn't see this as an issue!

My latest disappointment was from the purchase of a Ring doorbell with the video system. Apparently my download speed is too low causing a 3-second delay with the video interaction. Ring helpline confirmed my upload speed is too low for the app.

Each time I speak to the Talk Talk helpline (or exchange test messages), I feel like I'm wasting my time as no one seems to listen or be able to help. The bog-standard response is that everything is fine with my connection but Talk Talk will send an engineer if I pay!

I only have a Fast Broadband package but have just signed up for another 24 months. How do I get a better upload without paying for an engineer to visit?



Wise Owl

If you seriously need to upload large files, maybe you need a business, rather than residential, account?




The maximum upload speed is 1 Mbps on normal ADSL Broadband.


Only option is an upgrade to fibre if available and the speed estimates are suitable for your needs.

Community Team



As Martswain advised, the maximum upload for ADSL is 1mb.  Your service is in sync at the maximum for your line.