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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

How on earth do you cancel your UFO account with TalkTalk?

I tried calling this afternoon. Was told it was the wrong department, they transferred me to FutureFibre. This was wrong, they transferred me elsewhere. They had to speak to someone, who transferred me to another person. This went on until I had been...

Stuck Order

Hi I recently switched to talk talk however my account still says pending activation etc, even though it’s went live last week.

JBlack68 by Participant
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No internet

Hi all, First time posting here. I'm hoping someone can help as live chat hasn't been very helpful (passed around various departments). Earlier on today Openreach turned up unannounced and swapped the telegraph pole opposite our house. Ever since our...

SamS12 by Chatterbox
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Upgrading Broadband

Hi,City Fibre has recently been installed in our street. I received a message from them saying that the service was now operative and quoting a number of companies which will be offering their services and various packages and prices, Talktalk was am...

Dougie1 by Team Player
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Cannot for the life of me get onto Live Chat. Loads of links, no reaction. I have been having numerous issues since signing up for FF150 on 9 Jan. I need to speak to someone other than the script reading know nothings wherever in the World they are s...


I was suppose to be upgraded to Fibre 150 from Fibre 65 on February 16th 2023, eero 6 and gradstream device connected on that day, all good except no blue phone light on the grandstream. I have contacted talktalk via live chat 3 times now and still n...

UFO ending, problem with telecare alarm

Hi I received a letter informing me that my UFO service was ending in May. When I contacted your call centre to answer about my options they asked several questions then I was put on hold. On returning the lady explained that she did not think that m...

mikel by UFO Customer
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Contract price increase

The contract which I signed states "The monthly price for your broadband plan will increase in April each year by the rate of inflation (the Consumer Price Index rate, published in January each year) plus 3.7%. For example, using the average CPI valu...

Customer services - Refusing to TalkTalk to me!

I switched to BT and TalkTalk failed to close my account down because apparently they received no notification of it, now BT and TalkTalk are both arguing. BT tells me they sent an "Advice of Transfer" when they applied to take over the service, Talk...


City fibre came and installed our fibre box this morning and left when 4 green lights came on. They connected the eero 6 and we downloaded the eero app. My phone can connect to the eero when running through set upon the app, but fails during set up a...


I have fibre 65, with a standard phone line. I have endless problems with the landline but the broadband is perfect. I have given up trying to get the BT infrastructure repaired through TalkTalk, so wondered when Future Fibre is being rolled out in C...

Full Fibre 900 - Red LOS Light

Hello, I’ve had Full Fibre 900 installed early February 2023, however, this morning there was a red LOS light on the ONT box (I think this must have happened from 1:50am this morning). I’ve done as much troubleshooting I can from my end ie. off/on, m...

J45ONV by Chatterbox
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Full Fibre 900 Internet down AGAIN ever since 5pm

Hi, My internet has been down ever since 5pm. I've missed a work deadline on a Friday and I am not pleased about it this!I thought moving to Full Fibre would be stable.. apparently not as this has happened a few times already. Can someone look into t...

I don't use my landline

I hardly use my landline these days, preferring to use my mobile phone for making and receiving calls. I was just wondering if I'd still be able to access the internet if I had the landline taken out. I have Fibre 150, but as I don't think I have it ...

Marion1022 by Conversation Starter
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Homeport Red Fault Light

Hi - We have are on UFO in York and now on a Full fibre tariff £36 pm. The red fault light on our wall Homeport has been permanently on for few days and indicates a possible fault with backup battery. How critical is this and does it need attention? ...

hpgsmith by Participant
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Still no news as to UFO replacement service

Any updates available as to when the UFO-replacement service will be happening in the YO26 area of York? Was initially informed Nov 22 then support stated “you will be contacted soon” Dec 22, It’s now March 23 & still none the wiser.

davetez by Participant
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Ducting Blocked so installation delayed.

Hi, I have a query about my Full Fibre order and my billing/contract.Due to the ducting down the road being blocked Openreach have to get it dug up a repaired. The engineer said that it could take a couple of weeks.All necessary parts have been compl...

Brian_R by Chatterbox
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How to get through to a manager

How do I get through to a manager on talk talk future fibre? The live chat always get cut off and the indian call centre is useless and doesn't resolve anything

Pokhin by Participant
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Been with TT for 15+years and ordered fast fibre in May, so far Ive had three engineer visits planned that havent happened because TT didnt enter them on the system correctly. I cant count the promised calls from managers that have never happened. To...

Address wrong with OpenReach

Trying to research alternate ISPs. For most providers my address isn't listed with my postcode with the exception of BT who has the correct address listed at the beginning of the process but by checkout has it wrong again. Curiously the error is dupl...

Contract Nearly Up

Hi, My TalkTalk contract is almost up meaning the shackles are off and I'm free to switch. Usually a good offer is available in My Account so I renew the contract and it's always worked in the past. This time however, no offer is available. In fact t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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FTTP Availablility

Good afternoon. We are looking to upgrade from FTTC to FTTP with TalkTalk. We were recently informed that it's now available to order from Openreach at our address. When entering our postcode into a broadband checker it shows that we are able to plac...