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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

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YouView TV Guide not working or slow

Hi @Mmatt , @Pez30 , @Bferen , @Frankafrank , @Rusty_2 , @Glendevonfrank , @Glenda5 , @Cathcol , @SCBierton13 , @Suezz , @Chevy1 Can you all please confirm if you have tried the following : removing the aerial = Y/N remove the ethernet = Y/N reboot =...

PIN Number requests using TV HUB

If you have successfully signed into Apps such as ITVX and you are asked for a PIN number, this may be due to Parental Controls being set up during set up. The Box default PIN is 1234. Try this to access and unless you require Parental Controls to be...

fr8ys by Community Star
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ITVX and TalkTalk YouView boxes

For those wondering how to get ITVX on their boxes the short answer is you can't. This is the advice I have been giving other customers which may help. ITV updated the app and the software they use is no longer compatible with the YouView box hardwar...

fr8ys by Community Star
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TV Plus box

Our YouView box from TT is causing problems. We are finding that it is failing to record programs and is also shutting down in the middle of playback and also while watching live programs.Have carried out various help suggestions and carried out a fa...

Resolved! Humax Freeview box stuck on GMT

Hi everyone,I have searched through the settings on my Freeview box but can’t find anywhere to reset the clock to BST.I’m probably looking right through it but perhaps someone could point me in the right direction.I’m sure it’s done it automatically ...

robincm1 by Conversation Starter
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TV Box Maintenance Reset Has Not Resolved Problem

My TV box did not update to BST on Sunday. In the evening the picture started freezing. Since then I have tried restarting, resetting the software and now it is in the middle of a factory reset. It is stuck on 'waking up' and will not progress any fu...

Youview box not changed to BST

My Huawei Youview box has not changed itself to BST. The program guide is still showing GMT times. I have tried rebooting the box, and a factory reset, but this hasn't resolved the issue. I don't recall this happening before.

Floydoid by Chat Champion
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This is not available yes?

Replacement TV box

How can I get a replacement tv box please? We have been having problems with glitchy sound and recording failures, I have tried the live chat but they don't seem to be understanding my problem. I am sure the box is faulty as I tried a new hdmi cable ...

rowlinsk by First Timer
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TV hub on mute

Hello Whenever I turn on the TV Hub, my soundbar is muted, any idea why?

TV Hub recording

Hi if I plug an external USB drive will I be able to record on the TV Hub?

TalkTalk settop box issues

Paying for a service that is faulty.I have a DN360T Box that when watching on demand there is a break for adverts on any of the commercial channels does not return to the programme. A black screen appears with loading blue dots. It takes several atte...

alyson58 by Popular Poster
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Talk TV is being missold

I was told I could get live TV over wifi with the TalkTV hub. It's now arrived and I have no live tv. It's saying connect aerial. We don't have an aerial. Trying to get support over chat is worse than pulling teeth. TalkTV is nothing more than androi...

damo82 by First Timer
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TalkTalk boxes not working

We have two talk talk boxes , (one of which we purchased from you, not free with package) connected to two different tv's with a shared aerial access.Everyday we are having to unplug and reboot talk talk box 1! . Sometimes more than once a day. This ...

Talktalk TV boxes

Last year I upgraded to Faster Fibre 150 with the Talktalk TV 4k box - the one that will only records one programme at a time. I've been looking for box sets that I downloaded using my old box but it seems that they are lost forever. During the 1hr 4...

What Does Talktalk TV give me

A variety of issues has made me look at my Talktalk bill and I am paying £5 per month for talktalk TV. What does that give me? My TV gives me freeview channels.My smart TV (and many other devices in the house) gives me access to apps for catch up TVT...

TimkT by Conversation Starter
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Talk Talk TV Plus ?

Hi , Just need enlightening! Im a talktalk customer now for over a decade, I'm currently on Fibre 150, But attempting to upgrade to Fibre 500 (another story!) .I'm currently on Sky Q but don't really use it and costs too much, SoI've talked to the re...

koimod by Conversation Starter
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Hi, I use my You view box purely to record tv via the MASSIVE FREEVIEW aerial installed on the side of my house several years ago due being required to upgrade to receive Freeview...The picture is hit and miss at most times but watchable ..We purchas...

moorlander by Super Duper Contributor
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TV Hub

Hi I have an older TalkTalk TV box and it’s so painfully slow and glitchy. I’ve been subscribed to TalkTalk since the Tiscali days and use full fibre, TV and phone services. Can I get a free upgrade to the TV box for one of the new Hubs? Regards,Stev...

SteveElmo by Conversation Starter
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4K box 'turns off'

Got an issue with my 4k box watching itvx, all of a sudden the tv screen goes back. The box itself remains on (blue light etc) and the tv isn't in standby but get a black screen and silence. Have to power off the box and back on again to get it to di...

4kTV Box Installation

Just received the 4k TV Box - installation suggests connect wirelessly - is it ok to hardwire it yo router?

Bleach by Participant
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Freezing of I-player etc. when watching

Morning all, As well as the much documented issues recording (mainly but not exclusively) ITV and CH4 programmes via our box (done all the usual checks on line, switch off and on reset, check recording memory space etc), we have discovered since we h...

Tv settop

Is the new TV box being rolled out to existing customers. I have been a talktalk customer for over 20years. I have not had any upgrades on the TV box since installation. I don't know how long I've had the TV but it's a good few years.

csanders by Conversation Starter
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Should I be able to rewind live TV?

Joanne58 by First Timer
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Recording box stopped working

Hi my recording box has packed in,not surprising really it's probably about 6 years old.First it stopped recording,then the apps wouldn't work and now nothing works.There was not many recordings on it so I did a full factory reset,but it hasn't made ...

k-cotton by Team Player
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